Meltdown: MSNBC Threw The Biggest Tantrum Since Hillary’s Loss After Mueller Report Shows No Trump-Russia Collusion

The mainstream media continues to show their true colors as their meltdowns over President Trump’s vindication proceed.

MSNBC notably had some of the most absurd reactions upon learning that the Russia investigation has officially ended and Robert Mueller will be making no more additional indictments, as documented by Townhall.

A Look at the Reactions from MSNBC

Rather than accepting the results of a probe which remained ongoing for nearly two years, various MSNBC reporters completely fell apart. Rachel Maddows burst into tears; Chris Matthews openly questioned how the president could manage to skate by with Russian collusion and Chuck Todd bemoaned the “longterm damage” of the investigation’s results.


The fact that President Trump DID NOT collude with the Russian government, a point which he has maintained since the inception of the investigation, will be so damaging to America. That’s liberal logic for you.

The Underlying Truth

The fact of the matter is that the left always wanted the president to be guilty. They never cared about the sanctity of elections. They never cared about the dangers of foreign officials interfering in U.S. elections.

How sick it is that Democrats despise President Trump so much that they would rather him be guilty of a crime that could put Americans at risk as opposed to him being innocent and the rightful commander-in-chief?

Even with the probe having reached its end, the left’s reactions aren’t simply limited to ridiculous meltdowns? As seen by Chris Matthews, there are already assertions that Trump managed to “fool” Robert Mueller and get away with colluding with the Russians.

At the end of the day, if Democrats do not let this go, it won’t bode well for them. The investigation lasted for 22 months; multiple indictments occurred as a result, and yet, when it was all said and done, Mueller determined that Trump did not collude with the Russians.

It’s time for the Democrats to move on and stop beating this dead horse.


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