Meghan Markle Cancels Upcoming Events Coinciding With the Queen’s Funeral

According to reports, Meghan Markle postponed many U.S. engagements in the coming weeks that would have conflicted with the expected date of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

A Change of Plans

The Duchess of Sussex canceled her appearances on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” along with her trip to the UN General Assembly with Prince Harry on September 20.

At the age of 96, the queen passed away on Thursday at her Scottish retreat Balmoral Castle.

According to reports, the duchess will also postpone the Tuesday release of the fourth episode of her well-known Spotify podcast “Archetypes.” Her most recent episode, in which she spoke with Mindy Kaling, was released on Tuesday.

The Post was informed by a source that Meghan was due on Fallon. “I have no idea what she was supposed to discuss, but it’s clear the meeting has been canceled.”

The queen’s funeral has not yet been scheduled; although it will probably take place soon.

May not be possible for Megan to attend funeral

Prior to the passing of the queen, Harry and Meghan were in Europe and the UK. Harry was scheduled to give a speech at the WellChild Awards on Thursday in London.

Though as his grandmother’s condition deteriorated, Harry postponed his engagement and traveled alone to Scotland’s Balmoral Castle, leaving Meghan in London.

While William, Prince of Wales, traveled to Balmoral, Kate, Princess of Wales, remained behind. Meghan’s ability to attend the queen’s burial at Westminster Abbey is currently unknown.

The couple only planned to stay in the U.K. for one week, according to former British public relations official Shannon Felton Spence. Also, Meghan might not want to leave her two young children for too long.

Spence predicted that Harry would remain in the UK until the funeral.

“I can’t think Meghan won’t go, but again, from a human standpoint, Meghan was planning to leave the kids for six days, not weeks. So, it may not be realistic for her to remain the whole time,” the author says.

Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, live with Harry and Meghan in Southern California, who is named after the queen. Members of the Royal Family would also participate in royal mourning, which would last for a week following the funeral.

On Friday, Buckingham Palace stated the following, “It is His Majesty The King’s request that a time of Royal Mourning is observed following the passing of Her Majesty The Queen from this moment on until seven days after The Queen’s Funeral.”

“In due course, the Funeral’s date will be established. Members of the Royal Family, members of the Royal Household staff, representatives of the Royal Household performing official tasks, and military personnel assigned to ceremonial duties will all observe Royal Mourning.”