Meet Britain’s New Iron Lady

Washington’s conservative friends admire Liz Truss. Democratic Brexit opponents mistrust her. The Georgetown crowd questions her intelligence.

British officials themselves are split. There is disagreement among those who guided Truss throughout Washington; some claim she had no influence, while others laud her real direction.

Who is She?

Talk to 19 individuals who have worked with Truss. These are people from the White House and Congress to federal organizations, research institutes, and the top positions of the British diplomatic service.

You’ll get quite so many different perspectives on the person who is destined to become the next political leader of Britain.

Truss has a problem with her reputation in Washington since she needs the backing of both parties in order to have any hope of achieving the long-desired bilateral trade agreement with the US.

The thing that benefits her the most plainly is the fact she is unlike Boris Johnson. The political downfall of the departing prime minister caused few sobs at the White House.

However, it does not follow that Truss will be welcomed.

Close advisors tend to refer to her as “values-driven” and “pragmatic,” yet coworkers in London acknowledge she has a tendency toward “ideology.” There is no doubt the British government’s top diplomat isn’t afraid to cause trouble.

She occasionally does things she knows others would detest, but still doesn’t let that stop her, as one senior British ambassador stated admiringly.

Truss’ support of legislation to independently modify the Northern Ireland Convention, the legal cornerstone governing the Irish borders and Britain’s broader ties with the European Union upon leaving the EU, angered the Biden government and congressional leaders.

Truss’ ideas are well-liked by Conservative members of the party seven years after Britain decided to leave the European Union, but they have strained ties between London and Brussels.

The EU Saga

The etiquette conundrum now sets Truss’ domestic support against her nation’s strongest friend.

Democrats in positions of authority, such as President Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, frequently expressed concern that Brexit measures may jeopardize the hard-won tranquility in Ireland.

They want the protocols to uphold the Good Friday Agreement and for Brussels, as well as London, to stop wasting time on pointless disputes. In May, Pelosi called attempts to change the policy “very disturbing.”

In response, Truss said during a campaign stop in Northern Ireland on Wednesday that she wouldn’t be persuaded by the House Speaker. She continued, “I have been quite open about what I believe about folks like Nancy Pelosi.”

A U.S. diplomat with knowledge of the Britain file told Politico that while Truss won’t arrive at the White House bearing the same baggage as Johnson, they still view her as a “Boris loyalist” who is “certain to maintain the policies and tone of Johnson’s administration.”