Media No Longer Tolerates Blame Shifting Biden

Joe Biden said on Tuesday that he accepted “liability” for his Afghanistan judgments. If there were any errors made, he suggested a slew of suspects. What about the hundred or so Americans who didn’t really make it out safe and sound, though?

Biden said they had been contacted 19 times with various cautions and offers to help them depart Afghanistan, dating back to March. Biden also claimed that the majority of these people have been dual citizens, in any case.

Biden Blames Afghan Government, Despite Being Warned

Kabul’s collapse happened far sooner than most military and intelligence advisors anticipated. Biden pointed his finger at the Afghan government, saying he’d told his staff to be ready for anything.

He also had to evacuate fast, due to a deal supposedly struck with the Taliban by his predecessor, former President Trump last year. Also, Biden maintained that some mistakes were absolutely inevitable.

In an approximately 30-minute White House talk, Biden highlighted that there is no withdrawal from the conclusion of a war that you can run without the types of complications, obstacles, and risks America encountered. Despite these flaws, Biden termed the US withdrawal of far more than 120,000 Afghans an “amazing success.”

Biden is Quick as Ever to Change Topic

Biden didn’t dwell with his own failed promises, such as a pledge to fly out any American citizen who wanted to leave; instead, the president delivered a defiant speech to end America’s Afghan war.

He was trying to defend his dealing of the departure, pointing to “corrupt practices and wrongdoing” in the Afghan government that the US spent far too long aiding. Biden also focused on smashing his critics for trying to downplay the war debt.

This choice on Afghanistan is much more than just Afghanistan. It’s about stopping a period of big army activities aimed at remaking other nations, according to Biden. He refused to answer any questions.

Biden’s comments were the latest example of the president defending his position on Afghanistan in the midst of extraordinary criticism from longtime Democrat Party supporters and the press.

In fact, the harsher his detractors are, the more adamant and protective Biden has become. It’s almost as though Biden believes voters and history will eventually praise him for ending the conflict, despite the messy exit.

Biden’s government has spent several weeks touting surveys showing public support for his policy goals, convinced that the Beltway’s response to his choice was just the latest example of their separation from ordinary citizens.

The commander-in-chief’s confidence was not shared by everyone in the government. One government source told Politico they’re extremely disgusted and literally disturbed that we left Americans behind.

America bungled that no-fail mission, which was a hostage escape of thousands of Americans under the pretense of a NEO [non-combatant evacuation operations]. Another White House official stated that the objective would be incomplete if Americans were left behind.