Maxine Waters Wants Trump in Solitary Confinement

Each day, a member of the Democrat Party reaches yet another level of lunacy which supersedes the last. What’s important to remember is that leftists are desperate to impeach President Trump; at this point, it’s a pretty well-established fact that Democrats will do and say just about anything if they believe it’ll hurt the president. In many cases, leftists don’t even mind hurting themselves politically and looking like crazies if they believe doing so will ultimately lead to this president’s downfall.

Since last week’s impeachment inquiry announcement, Democrats have gotten bolder and increasingly more unhinged in their rhetoric regarding Trump. On Monday, 2020 Democrat Kamala Harris called for Twitter to ban the president from using their platform; on Tuesday, Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters stated that Trump needs to be incarcerated and thrown into solitary confinement, as confirmed by Breitbart News.

It’s very important for Americans to know what’s happening here.

Waters on Trump and Solitary Confinement

First and foremost, we must all remain mindful that Democrats are grasping at straws here. Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry got their hopes up, but now reality has arrived. The House Speaker cannot unilaterally impeach the president; furthermore, she simply does not have the votes which are necessary for impeachment to happen.

Democrats know this, regardless of how much they claim otherwise and vow to impeach Trump. Remember, the Democrat Party has been talking about impeachment since 2016…and now, 2020 is less than three months away.

Yesterday, Waters decided that taking to Twitter and calling for President Trump to be placed into solitary confinement was smart. Waters’ logic is that impeachment is “not good enough for Trump” and that he should be jailed for daring to censure a dishonest whistleblower and corrupt Democrats.

In Waters’ own words:

A Pattern of Lunacy

Maxine Waters has a track record of making outlandishly ridiculous statements, but this one truly reaches new depths of madness. While she’s previously called for the president to be impeached and thrown into jail, Waters, until yesterday, never stated that Trump deserves solitary confinement.

Quite frankly, this simply goes back to the desperation which the Democrat Party is experiencing. They’ve been pulling out literally every step to impeach the president and it really isn’t working out all too well for them. Now, they’re reduced to calling for bans of Trump’s Twitter account and championing for incarceration via solitary confinement.

It’s actually quite sad and pitiful when you think about it.

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