Massachusetts Republicans Attempting to Change Primary Rules to Undermine Trump

Former President Trump is the prohibitive favorite to win the 2024 Republican Party’s nomination. According to polling data from Race to the White House, Trump is leading the polls in 48 states. 

Trump is expected to win decisively in 26 primary states, which will give him enough of the primary vote to obtain most or all of the states’ delegates during the 2024 Republican convention. 

Trump is expected to obtain 1,774 delegates at the current rate, per Race to the White House’s projections analysis. A candidate needs 1,234 delegates to receive the nomination at the Republican Party convention. 

The Massachusetts Republican Party is currently trying to change the way it allocates delegates during the primary.

For some time, the Massachusetts Republican Party primary had a winner-take-all system. Currently, Republican elites at the state level are looking to change this system. 

During an interview on July 26, 2023, GOP Chair Amy Carnevale revealed the state party is floating the idea of going towards a system of proportional allocation of delegates.

A Republican Party sub-committee recently held a meeting to talk about the change, which could be approved in an upcoming session. 

Such a development could bar the 45th president from obtaining all 40 delegates of the Republican National Convention, even in a case where he wins 50% of the vote or higher. 

Since announcing his first presidential run in 2016, Trump has been a target for the Republican Party establishment, in addition to the corporate media.

Despite all the obstacles that GOP leadership placed in 2016, Trump not only won the party nomination, but went on to win the presidency that year. 

Although he lost in a controversy-filled election in 2020, Trump has not given up his presidential ambitions.

With Trump back in the mix in 2024, he will be facing a unique set of challenges. The entire DC political apparatus — Democrats and Republicans alike — and legacy institutions will be doubling down in their efforts to scuttle his presidential bid. 

As long as populist candidates emerge to shake up the political status quo, there will always be significant pushback from the ruling class.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.