Massachusetts Gov. Baker Shares Plan for Reopening

"Charlie Baker, Governor, Commonwealth of" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by MassEHealth

States across the nation are gradually rolling out their phased plans for reopening and gradually re-engaging economic sectors.
The issue of reopening the nation has become highly charged in recent weeks as Americans take to the streets in protest. Demonstrations aside, some business owners have chosen to reopen on their own volition, risking blowback from state governments. Likewise, many governors who continue to lengthen stay home orders are the defendants in lawsuits from fed-up, patriotic Americans.

Yesterday, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker shared his plan for re-engaging the state’s economy, according to Breitbart News. The Republican governor’s plan presently consists of four phases, with residents of the Bay State already in phase one.

What to Know About the Reopening Massachusetts Plan

Under the first phase of Gov. Baker’s reopening plan, construction areas and manufacturing facilities are able to reopen. Additional businesses under phase one, like drive-in movie theaters, car washes, hair salons, zoos, etc. will re-engage beginning this upcoming Monday.
Each of the businesses permitted to reopen is expected to adhere to sanitation practices and other health guidelines.

Phases two, three, and four will progressively arrive, with at least three weeks set to pass before moving to the consecutive phase.
The Massachusetts governor’s plan to reopen comes with an advisory for individuals who are more vulnerable to COVID-19 to shelter-in-place barring essential trips. Likewise, residents of the Bay State are ordered to wear face masks when social distancing is not possible.

The return of restaurants, bars, gyms, and other establishments will arrive in later phases of Gov. Baker’s Reopening Massachusetts plan. When announcing this strategy, the Bay State governor maintained that his plan is backed by the science and numbers behind coronavirus cases in Massachusetts.
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