Mask Mandates for Congress – Pelosi and CDC Under Fire

Despite new coronavirus recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, Democrat leaders around the nation are taking flak and backlash for rushing to reinstitute controversial mask restrictions.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced this week that even immunized people living in high-risk locations should revert to wearing masks inside, triggering a fresh wave of face-covering regulations.

However, the regulations are controversial for a variety of reasons. Some people claim that the masks chafe them or make it difficult to breathe. When people that wear eyeglasses enter a room, their lenses become fogged up, making it practically hard to see. Many opponents have contended that imposing facial coverings constitutes overreach on the part of the government.

Does Pelosi Even Have the Authority to Introduce Mask Mandates?

The opposition has been particularly strong amongst Republicans in the House; they have chastised Speaker Nancy Pelosi on her haste to reintroduce requirements. The administration, according to Rep. Lauren Boebert, has no power over such decrees.

What chance do all the people of this country have if we give up our liberty in the halls of power, she said on Thursday night. Boebert was among a significant number of Republican legislators who walked over to the congressional side of the Capitol in the week to oppose Pelosi’s imposed mask requirement.

The repeated mask requirements, according to Sen. Marsha Blackburn, are a communist conquest of America orchestrated by Pelosi and President Biden.

She claimed in a video released on Twitter that the liberals are back at it, doing everything necessary to bring you back to lockdowns. Speaker Pelosi is now threatening to have people jailed if they don’t wear masks; there is no good explanation why an immunized individual should be compelled to wear a mask.

Pelosi Will Find Herself in Court Over the Mandates

Rep. Thomas Massie is charging Pelosi over the requirement, citing legal concerns to her jurisdiction, according to Bill Hemmer of Fox News. Rep. Barry Loudermilk criticized Pelosi in a social media video posted Tuesday evening in which he had to wear a mask to traverse the DMZ that separates the senators’ portion of the Hill from the Marxist-dominated House side.

Former Democrat Rep. Vernon Jones, now a conservative running for Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s position, criticized Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms for her support of a prolonged mask requirement.

A Fox News inquiry for clarification on the CDC’s reasoning for the official directive was not immediately returned. However, it hasn’t prevented politicians from taking the notion seriously and attempting to enact it as law once more.

The Biden government stated earlier this week that it is motivated by concerns about so-called breakout infections, which occur when vaccinated people become infected from the coronavirus, despite being immunized.

For persons who got both dosages of either the Pfizer or Moderna shots, the rate of breakout infections is predicted to be approximately 5% for the initial COVID-19 strain and approximately 14% for the more infectious delta variant. People who received the single-dose Johnson & Johnson immunization had much higher rates.