Marianne Williamson Thinks Leftist Elites are After Her…

It is a well-established fact that Democrats like to make other people feel like victims in order to maintain political power. Americans have witnessed this time and time again as the left-wing collectively deems groups of individuals as either victims or oppressors.

By playing this game, Democrats are able to cause tension between various groups and then insert themselves as the saviors with big-government solutions. Apparently, however, Democrats’ pension for victimhood is not merely limited to American civilians.

2020 Democrat Marianne Williamson is one of many candidates who is struggling in the polls. Although Williamson and other low-polling candidates managed to make it in the first and second primary debates, the upcoming third debate is different.

Higher-ups within the Democrat Party have raised the bar in order to presumably weed out candidates who are a waste of space. Therefore, Williamson is now claiming that “powerful forces” are working to block her from making it on the third primary debate stage, as documented by Fox News.

Why Does Williamson Think “Powerful Forces” are After Her?

Any individual who decides to enter the political arena should be aware that their past becomes fair game for scrutiny and censure. This is simply the nature of American politics; however, Williamson doesn’t seem to think so.

Since launching her 2020 presidential campaign, her past statements on vaccines, anti-depressants, and other similar matters have faced criticism. During the second presidential debate, Williamson also likened the Trump presidency to “dark, psychic forces.” This, too, raised some eyebrows.

However, Williamson has chosen to attribute criticism and scrutiny to “powerful forces” which are maliciously conspiring against her, rather than the innate workings of politics. When speaking to the Daily Mail, Williamson bemoaned an alleged “well-strategized effort” to sabotage her campaign.

In Williamson’s own words:

“It’s very frustrating because I like to think on the left we don’t do things like that. So it’s been a bit of a wake-up call. Apparently there’s some very powerful forces that want to make sure I’m not in that third debate so I must be doing something right if they’ve worked so hard to create that.”

More on Williamson’s Failing Campaing

Despite Williamson’s delusions, there are no “powerful forces” which are specifically targeting her. She and her efforts to become the next president are simply not a threat to anyone, not to Democrats and certainly not to President Trump. Looking at the polling numbers shows us that Williamson is struggling to get to 2%, one of the thresholds which is necessary for her to make it on the third debate stage next month.

Williamson claims that she “must be doing something right” if elite forces are out to get her. If she were really doing something right, she’d be polling at higher than 1% and she’d be way above 2%. It won’t be shocking if Williamson and other candidates in similar boats drop out before the third primary debates take place.

Do you think “powerful forces” and Democrat elites have it in for Marianne Williamson? Will she make it to the third debate stage? Sound off with your thoughts and predictions in the comments section below!