Man Slays Republican Teen Over Political Debate

A 41-year-old adult male is accused of killing a Republican adolescent over politics earlier this week.

He claimed, during this week’s proceedings in court, he did not want to lose everything in his life because of the allegations against him and because of bond.

Brandt Feels Bond is Unfair

Brandt apparently had a tough time understanding the charges against him in killing 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson. He also didn’t seem to understand the seriousness of his actions.

Shannon Brandt, who reportedly struck and murdered Cayler Ellingson on the weekend in McHenry, a small community two hours north of Fargo, North Dakota, was booked with vehicular slaying and abandoning the scene of an incident involving a fatality.

His bond was posted on Tuesday, September 20. Brandt said since he was not a flight risk, he disagreed with the $50,000 bond that had been established.

Political Disagreement Leads to Murder

According to court records cited by WDAY, Brandt informed the police that a political disagreement was the cause of the death.

As per Captain Bryan Niewind of the North Dakota Patrol, “He had been the individual who reached 911 to inform of the crash.”

According to the website, which cited a criminal complaint, Brandt informed an operator he had run down Ellingson when he dialed 911 at 2:30 a.m. on Sunday.

After a debate, Brandt, who patrol men said was drunk, claimed Ellingson was a member of a “Republican extremist group.” He then went on to claim the teenager, who is now deceased, was inciting others to assault him.

According to court records, “Brandt admitted to hitting the walker with his automobile because they had a political debate. In light of the debate, he thought the pedestrian was summoning individuals to arrive and get him.”

“Brandt acknowledged to reentering the location of the altercation shortly afterward, where he made a 911 call,” the report stated.

According to the government, Ellingson called his mom just before he was slain to report that Brandt, whom she knew, was pursuing him after what was allegedly a street dance.

Her son was already deceased when the mom came upon the scene, in an alleyway. The distraught mother admitted to authorities that she doesn’t think her son knew who his killer was personally.

According to Niewind, “We are still attempting to ascertain precisely what ensued at the moment of the collision and before that as well.”

“We are unaware of any eyewitnesses. We are currently endeavoring to speak with any possible witnesses from the street dance who were there when the wreck occurred.”

Just a few weeks prior, President Joe Biden said those who backed former President Donald Trump, or “MAGA Republicans,” constituted “a threat that undermines the very doctrines of our own republic.”

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.