Man Arrested for Allegedly Punching Conservative Activist


On Friday, 28- year-old Zachary Greenberg was taken into custody by California police officers following his physical attack against Leadership Institute worker Hayden Williams on the University of California Berkeley campus, reports The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Reviewing the Attack Against Williams

Greenberg elected to physically assault Williams following her campus recruitment for the right-leaning Turning Point USA. The incident occurred on February¬†19 and apparently does not mark Greenberg’s only commission of violence against conservatives. He can be seen attacking an activist associated with Turning Point USA in a video posted by Charlie Kirk, the founder and president of the organization.

See for yourself below:

A Pattern of Violence Against Conservatives

Since the election of President Trump, the left-wing has become increasingly more extreme and violent, particularly towards Americans who lean right of center. For some reason, Democrats seem to view themselves as so morally superior that, in their minds, anyone who dares to disagree with them is worthy of being assaulted. Of course, the Dunning-Krueger effect has reached its peak with the left-wing.

At this point in America, nobody can factually deny the violence which is being orchestrated against persons who openly support conservatism and/or President Trump. There are countless videos and reports of Trump supporters being attacked, having their MAGA hats ripped off, stolen, and more. Earlier this year, a Vans employee lost his job after swearing at a young teenager who wore a MAGA hat.

Sadly, violence against conservatives is something which the left-wing has normalized and justified.


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