Los Angeles Sheriffs Refuse to Uphold Newsom's Curfew Mandate

"Gavin Newsom" (CC BY 2.0) by jdlasica

Across the country, data is alleging an increase in COVID-19 cases. Believe it or not, blue states with left-wing governors are also experiencing these increases, despite draconian lockdowns and strict face mask mandates.
Critics of one-size-fits-all strategies concerning this virus have pointed out the above as an argument that shutdowns and masks do not work; however, Democrats in positions of power appear to believe otherwise.

“Gavin Newsom” (CC BY 2.0) by jdlasica

Multiple Democrat governors have issued new lockdowns; even some GOP governors are following suit and issuing statewide mandates for face coverings.
However, in the case of California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom, his ordered curfew may have gone too far. According to Breitbart News, not one single sheriff in the Los Angeles region is enforcing Newsom’s controversial curfew orders.

A Curfew for California Residents

To countless Americans, a governor issuing a curfew upon free citizens is strange; there are also questions about the actual science behind a decision like this. Despite reports of an increased spread of COVID-19, the virus does not adhere to certain hours of the day. Therefore, many Americans believe that Newsom’s order is just for show to present the illusion of taking measured actions.

This could explain why every single sheriff in the Los Angeles region is rejecting the Democrat governor’s curfew. According to reports, sheriffs are seeking “voluntary compliance” and encouraging citizens to comply with Newsom’s orders on their own volition.
These sheriffs are not issuing citations or making arrests of individuals who break the curfew.

The Wrong Timing for a Curfew

The California governor’s decision to issue a statewide curfew actually comes at an inopportune time.
Less than one week ago, Newsom landed in the hot seat for violating his own restrictions on gathering limits to attend a friend’s birthday party. After images surfaced online of Newsom breaching his own guidelines, the California Democrat apologized during a press conference.

However, this is just another part of a pattern where left-wing leaders do whatever they please while issuing strict guidelines for others and harsh penalties for noncompliance. Thus far, whether or not Newsom is abiding by his own curfew remains unknown.
Since issuing a curfew for California residents, individuals have taken to social media to mock the Democrat governor.
Are you glad that Los Angeles sheriffs are not enforcing Governor Newsom’s curfew? Do you believe statewide curfews are an effective measure against COVID-19? Don’t be afraid to let us know in the comments section below!