Los Angeles County Extends Lockdown for 12 More Weeks

"Los Angeles River" (CC BY 2.0) by Adan Garcia

Shutdowns in America stopped being about coronavirus and turned into crusades for power grabs quite some time ago. As events play out, the power element of shelter-in-place orders is becoming more and more apparent.

While most GOP governors take steps to get people back to work and re-engage the economy, Democrat governors are doing precisely the opposite. When dealing with shutdowns, the narrative quickly changed from “flattening the curve” to keeping everything indefinitely closed until a COVID-19 vaccination arrives. How convenient is that?
On Tuesday, Los Angeles County announced its decision to extend lockdown stratagems for 12 more weeks, notes Townhall. This decision prompted shock, outrage, and exasperation from many individuals.

(At Least) Three More Months of Lockdown in Los Angeles County

Unlike many Americans across the nation, leaders of Los Angeles County see nothing wrong with their decision.
As a matter of fact, they’re branding 12 more weeks of shutdowns as a necessary measure to stop the spread of coronavirus. Barbara Ferrer, a public health director of Los Angeles, stated that a 12-week extension of lockdowns will occur “with all certainty.”

Likewise, Ferrer also maintains that Los Angeles County won’t be able to reopen without additional testing capabilities. Despite touting coronavirus as this great danger in Los Angeles County, the numbers simply don’t back this up. While 10.1 million individuals reside in this community, only 38 individuals in the county have died from COVID-19.
Lockdowns — and the power grab crusades they’ve turned into — are only waking up more and more Americans. California has seen its fair share of protests with various people calling for the reopening of the state. Only time will tell what follows news that Los Angeles County shall remain shuttered for the next 12 weeks.
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