Biden’s Failing Foreign Policy Takes a New Turn

President Biden wants to move the United States’ foreign policy forward. However, in spite of adding this goal to his agenda, Biden just hasn’t been able to make it happen just yet.

Biden Promised Change, but Do We Notice Anything?

Biden came into office earlier in the year. Then, after the 46th president got into office, he began pledging a new phase for the United States on the world stage. In doing this, Biden managed to completely toss aside the Trump years in pursuit of restoring alliances.

Biden also said he would demonstrate that democratic countries can still deliver for their residents while thwarting the rise of global autocratic regimes. Biden’s explicit premise was going forward, US foreign policy would focus on competing with China, the world’s second-largest powerhouse.

However, the government has had to deal with the world it has, a difficulty highlighted in the week when it was compelled to face saber-rattling by Vladimir Putin, a longstanding rival.

As a result of Putin’s renewed aggression, Biden convened a video conference with his Russian counterpart in an attempt to de-escalate the rising tensions along the Ukrainian border.

The Afghanistan Withdrawl Does Not Help

Withdrawing soldiers from Afghanistan brought an end to the country’s longest war, which had been waged by three US administrations.

However, it also brought horrifying pictures of violence and fear. This violence and fear also managed to completely damage the faith of allies and the faith of the American people in the government’s abilities. Furthermore, the attempts to resurrect the Iran nuclear deal, which Biden’s predecessor canceled, are on the verge of failure.

The discovery of a new COVID-19 strain that quickly spread around the world emphasized the epidemic is as much a national security concern as it is a health crisis, reigniting calls for the United States to lead the global vaccination effort.

“You don’t always have control over what you concentrate on. You get to create your goal occasionally, but others get to define it sometimes,” said Richard Haass, president of the Council on International Policy.

Biden traveled to Europe on two occasions to deepen connections with allies and offer collaboration in the fight against climate change. This new update comes according to the new president’s staff in the White House.

The White House declared a formal boycott of the coming Olympics on Monday, in response to China’s human rights violations. On Thursday, the president will kick off a two-day conference for democracy aimed at uniting free countries.

However, White House insiders described 2021 as a “rebuilding year,” a chance to undo what was done by former President Trump’s program. This is a program that was tough with European allies who never paid their fair share to NATO.