Location for Republican National Convention Up for Grabs

"President Trump Delivers Remarks After t" (Public Domain) by The White House

The presence of COVID-19, along with subsequent shutdowns, has continued to throw a wrench in various plans.
Even as America gradually reopens for business, the decision on whether or not to hold large gatherings remains controversial. Some people are all for it, whereas others maintain that sizable congregations of individuals will create new cases of coronavirus.

Traditionally, the Republican National Convention has taken place in Charlotte, North Carolina. However, due to Democrat Governor Roy Cooper’s demands for certain restrictions, North Carolina will not host the GOP National Convention in 2020.
Now, Washington Examiner confirms that many states in America seek to gain approval for hosting the GOP convention.

Reviewing Uncertainty About the Republican National Convention

At this time, several states across America are eager to take North Carolina’s place and host the Republican National Convention later this year; some of these states include Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and others.
Many conservative leaders in the aforementioned states have made calls to the GOP National Committee in order to get the green light. Thus far, however, a specific and designated location for the convention remains up in the air.

Based on present developments, the likelihood of the Republican National Convention being hosted in a red state is quite high.
Red states are collectively ahead of blue states in terms of reopening and allowing people to get back to work; therefore, it makes the most sense that one of the largest and historic political gatherings would occur in a state with a reasonable reopening plan.

With that in mind, the Republican National Committee has indicated that there’s still a possibility of the convention taking place in North Carolina; however, this is contingent upon Gov. Cooper modifying certain restrictions on large gatherings.
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