Liz Cheney May Run for President

Former Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, an anti-Trump Republican, hinted recently that she was going to run for the presidency next year.

Cheney is Anti-Trump

Cheney, who was soundly defeated in the Republican primary a year ago, suddenly believes she has a chance to win the White House.

Cheney informed NBC News anchor Lester Holt that she does not want to do anything that would work out in Donald Trump’s favor or benefit.

The former congresswoman went on to say during this year, she’ll take the time to make her mind up about what it is she does or doesn’t want to do and what will happen next.

Cheney said she wonders less about what she ought to do in regard to the White House when considering where the country is and what needs to get done. She then added that she’s placed a lot of importance on stopping Trump in any way necessary.

When questioned about if she would consider running for president as an Independent if it may harm Trump, Cheney dodged the issue. She said they’ve made it so Americans “elect idiots in our politics.”

Cheney went on to say many people don’t consider politics from the perspective of how we choose serious candidates. As a result of this, it is Cheney’s view that electing serious candidates cannot be political.

The former congresswoman next continued by pledging to support the election of only “good” candidates and not any who are deemed to be in support of the former president.

Cheney Supports “Serious” Candidates

Cheney claimed she will make sure to only support serious candidates. She also stressed how they need to be sure everyone is participating, enthusiastic, and committed.

Conservatives reacted angrily to Cheney’s remark that Trump is unfit to serve as president again in June this year.