Limbaugh: Mueller ‘stands American jurisprudence on its head’ declaring POTUS Trump must be ‘guilty until proven innocent’

On his award-winning and widely-heard daily radio program Wednesday, talk giant Rush Limbaugh tore apart special counsel Robert Mueller’s statement earlier in the day in which he proclaimed that his Democrat-and-Hillary Clinton-donating investigators could not say with certainty that POTUS Donald Trump did neither “colluded” with Russia or ‘obstructed’ justice.
Noting that Mueller is reversing what he apparently told Attorney General William Barr three times — that his team did not consider longstanding Justice Department policy that a sitting president cannot be indicted when they refused to do so after completing their probe in March — Limbaugh said the special counsel is turning American jurisprudence on its head with a statement today that he can’t exonerate the president or he “would have said so.”
“The point here is, is that what Mueller has done here is stand our system of justice on its head. And it happens right here in this statement: ‘If we had confidence the president did not commit a crime, we would have said so,’” Limbaugh noted.
Imagine, Limbaugh continued, “you’re charged with anything, you’re charged with a crime you can go to jail for 20 years. Make up the crime, whatever it is. And the investigators in court say, ‘If we had evidence you didn’t do it, we would have said so.’ Meaning, they can’t prove you didn’t do it. Therefore, you’re guilty. They can’t prove you didn’t do it.
“It’s not up to you to prove you didn’t do what they say you did. It’s up to them to prove that you did it. And if they can’t prove that you did it, then you are not guilty. It doesn’t say you’re innocent. Innocent and not guilty are two different things in the legal system,” Limbaugh noted further.
In addition, the talk radio legend questioned why Mueller was even appointed in the first place if he was never going to be able to indict the president, even if he hadcommitted a crime.
“‘We could not exonerate the president,’” Limbaugh said, mimicking Mueller. “That’s not the gig! But again, folks, after saying that, this wizard then went on to say that even if he had done it and even if we had confidence that he had done did it, we couldn’t indict.
“You know why? Because the Justice Department says you can’t indict a sitting president. And so we were never, ever going to be saying that he done did it,” the host continued.
“Well, then, what has all of this been for? If you, by virtue of guidelines, were never, ever going to be able to charge the president with a crime, then why do this?” Limbaugh said.
In his opening monologue, the noted:
Robert Mueller made it clear as a bell today that he wants to nail Donald Trump and he wants Donald Trump out of office, he just doesn’t have the evidence. And so he’s asked Congress to take over the job. But he kept talking about how guidelines, regulations in the DOJ prevent the indicting of a sitting president. They can’t do it! So what was the purpose of this? Why do this investigation at all if from the very beginning you could not nail the president?
This investigation was not to determine what the Russians had done. Everybody had already reached a conclusion the Russians had tampered, whether it was true or not. This investigation was not an investigation. It was an attempt to reverse the election results of 2016. It was an attempt to imply the guilt of the president and that attempt to imply the guilt of the president continued today with this shameful performance of this guy and his eight-minute statement.
The president was the victim of a coup attempt — one that continues, as evidenced by Mueller’s latest statement earlier today. A statement, by the way, that also throws his ‘good friend’ and long-time Justice Department colleague, current AG William Barr, right under a bus.
How so? Because as Barr told a Senate hearing in March, he asked Mueller three times if the longstanding Justice Department policy that a sitting president could not be indicted had anything at all to do with his decision not to recommend indictment — and Mueller, three times, said ‘no.’
Suddenly…the policy did matter?
If you wondered whether the Deep State was real, Mueller just proved it is. What’s more, he has proven how fearful the Deep State is of Donald Trump and his AG, who have vowed to clean up the D.C. swamp where Mueller and Co. have been swimming for decades.
This article first appeared on TheNationalSentinal