LGBTQ Latest Dangerous Trend: Adult Babies

In the LGBTQ population, the “adult baby” culture is now gaining popularity, decades after the first open gathering of people who identified and live as babies was purportedly held in the 1990s.

Sick Trend

In accordance with Parent Giving, the Diaper Pail Friends, a network of “adult baby” diaper lovers (ABDL), had around 3,000 participants by 1995. Starting in the 1980s, psychologists suggested that adults would like donning diapers, according to the site.

An online post showing three “adult babies” suckling on pacifiers at the Paris Pride Parade has now become a fad amongst the LGBTQ community.

According to Libs of TikTok and MADE’s web programs page, the Twin Cities Pride Festival in Minneapolis welcomed the Minnesota Adult Diaper Enthusiasts (MADE) as among the exhibitors in July.

According to Joseph Burgo, vice-director of GenSpect, he believes numerous individuals (they’re all males) with paraphilias have connected themselves to the LGB movement to take advantage of the kindness gays and lesbians have received during recent years.

He says they’re attempting to capitalize on the advances that gays and lesbians have achieved in mainstream society for their own gain.

According to activist and novelist Oli London, he thinks it’s been happening for some time, but folks were enjoying it behind the scenes.

These individuals are more confident and holding these private events. Instead of conducting it in their own house, they are being praised for it.

Fetishizing Babies

Over the years, “adult babies” have been covered by a number of publications and online platforms.

Stanley Thornton, an adult male who sleeps in a cot, dons diapers, and feeds from a bottle, was given an interview by iWonder in 2018.

In 2018, Thornton created a website for those in his position, but the link that directs to the page is now unavailable. According to numerous stories from the time, Thornton and his roommate began receiving Social Security disability payments in 2011.