Legal Citizen from Togo Attacked for Wearing MAGA Hat in Maryland Neighborhood

A legal citizen from Togo and current Maryland resident was attacked by two individuals because he wore a Make America Great Again hat, according to reports from The Daily Caller News Foundation.
This marks yet another recurring incident of Trump supporters being subjected to physical assaults from leftists who disagree with them politically.

Reviewing the Attack

The MAGA-hat wearer was struck on both the head and the upper body. Previously to the physical attacks, the two assailants questioned the Maryland resident on why he elected to wear a MAGA hat. The latter responded, noting his right to support Trump and other’s rights to not support the president if they so choose. This prompted the aforementioned physical attacks in addition to the theft of the man’s MAGA hat.

Thankfully, authorities managed to apprehend two individuals who are believed to have carried out the attack. Both persons are now in police custody and could possibly serve up to one decade behind bars.

Attacks on Trump Supporters

Over the past year and a half, open attacks on Trump supporters have become more and more common. For some reason, there are many individuals on the left who view a MAGA hat as a great light to assault the wearer of said hat.
The truth of the matter is that Democrats are largely to blame for this. After all, it is their party which spends time demonizing and dehumanizing the president and Americans who support him. When a group of people are dehumanized in one’s mind, justifying what is unjustifiable becomes easier for certain individuals.
Unfortunately, this toxic trend is likely to persist as the 2020 presidential elections gets closer and closer. Democrats are on a warpath at this point and will do literally anything that they think will beat Trump. Apparently, that includes beating and assaulting his open supporters.
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