Lefty Group Leaks Undercover Cops to ‘Abolish Police’

More than 300 undercover cops in Los Angeles were exposed and took to suing the city as a woke nonprofit leaked the information of all city police officers. This was part of its evil campaign to “abolish the police state.”

They Want to Abolish the Police

The blow against the Los Angeles Police Department came from the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition. It bills itself as a “watchdog building power” for abolishing “the police state,” an apparent euphemism for getting rid of the police.

The far-left organization not only received the photos and personal information of over 9,300 LAPD cops, but also thought it was a great idea to leak those online by setting up a searchable database, The Daily Caller reported, citing AP.

Over 300 of the offices whose data was leaked were undercover cops. The LA attorney’s office claimed the LAPD was obliged by law to provide the leftist group records of its cops, with photographs and detailed information.

However, California’s state legislation does make an exception to such requirement over “safety or investigative reasons.

Police Can’t Be ‘Shrouded in Secrecy,’ Communists Say

Lawyer Matthew McNicholas, who represents 321 undercover cops, argues that the LAPD should have exempted his clients, all of whom use their anonymity to be able to do their jobs in service of society.

The attorney pointed out the leak endangered the lives of his clients and their families. It has caused the termination of several major investigations dealing with gangs, drugs, and sex traffickers.

McNicholas blasted the “negligent disclosure” of his client’s identities. They will no longer be able to work as undercover cops and might not even be able to do any police work ever again.

Besides McNicholas’s lawsuits, the LA Police Protective League, the department’s union, also filed separate suits against police chief Michel Moore, seeking to “claw back” the undercover officers’ photos, as well as prevent any such leaks in the future.

Moore himself admitted to the leak, saying “we erred” and their photographs shouldn’t have been leaked to the crazies.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.