Leftists Mocking Boebert’s Tweet Unaware She Was Referencing Biden’s Latest Gaffe

By criticizing GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert’s post on Saturday, liberal social media users unintentionally attacked President Biden’s most recent error.

Biden’s Gaffe

Biden delivered an address on Friday at a car plant in Hagerstown, Maryland and his opening remarks were viewed as an embarrassment by many, particularly NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

The president added, “Let me begin with two words: Made in America.” Boebert made fun of the error in a tweet by intentionally using the wrong number of words.

She tweeted, “Two Words: Let’s Go Brandon!” Even though the post specifically referred to Biden’s error, many liberal Twitter users seemed to think Boebert committed the error herself.

“So which two words, specifically? Let’s go? … Going Brandon? “Joy Reid, an MSNBC host, wrote. George Takei, an actor, remarked, “She can’t…count.” Actor and leftist activist David Hogg posted, “Three words: You’re an idiot.”

“Two Words: Let’s Go Brandon. Lauren Boebert just publicly humiliated herself by tweeting that. Three words in all. She is such a stupid idiot!” Jon Cooper, a former Obama administration member, wrote.

Leftists Unknowingly Mock Biden

“Dogs have a basic comprehension of arithmetic and can spot errors in simple calculations like 1+1 = 1 or 1+1 = 3,” novelist Cole Haddon posted.

“Is she a member of any budget or banking committees? Because…  Maths.” Columnist Patt Morrison of the Los Angeles Times remarked.

Despite criticism of Boebert’s tweet, numerous liberal and conservative users noted the representative’s message was obviously a joke mocking Biden.

“The fact that liberals are unaware she is making fun of Biden’s most recent error only serves to highlight how disconnected they are from reality.”

“They genuinely have no understanding of what’s going on, which is why they say the stuff they do,” Allie Beth Stuckey, a host of a conservative podcast, remarked.

Journalist Aaron Rupar, a liberal, said, “This is meant to be a dig at Biden’s error. Even so, did you know that? Congratulations, you likely don’t have brain worms if not.”

Justin Barclay, the presenter of Wood Radio, tweeted, “Cue the breakdown.”

Later, in response to criticism she received for her tweet, Boebert mocked her detractors. Imagine, Boebert continued, if they had treated their guy the same way when he had done this, instead of me for making fun of him.

Throughout his administration, Biden made a number of major errors, many of which occurred recently. He cautioned on Friday that since the Cuban Missile Crisis, the United States has not faced the threat of “Armageddon” as it does right now.

On September 28, he called the name of the late Indiana Representative Jackie Walorski and then seemed to scan the crowd for her. Without acknowledging the president may have erred in any way, the White House defended these statements on numerous occasions.