Leftist Violence Catapults Judges’ Safety Among America’s Top Issues, Chief Justice Reveals

Threats to murder or otherwise physically hurt judges in the United States, including the Supreme Court justices, have emerged as one of the top public issues in the nation.

That’s according to Chief Justice John Roberts.

Chief Justice Forced to Remind America of Obvious Truths

Marxist-Communism is well-known for resorting to violent force any time it can get away with it.

The threats to the physical safety of American judges have been the main topic of the 2022 report of Chief Justice John Roberts on the state of the US judiciary.

Roberts decided he had to use his annual report to declare the self-explanatory and overtly evident truths that “every judge [should be able to work] without fear,” and the judiciary “should not live in fear.”

The Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court also thought he should call upon the American public to “support judges” and to specifically do so “by ensuring their safety.”

Another testimony speaks to how burning the judges’ safety issue must be now that observers expected Roberts’ annual report would focus on other topics. Consider the leaking of the draft SCOTUS abortion opinion in May or efforts to boost ethical rules in the American judiciary.

SCOTUS Justices Facing Leftist Assassination Plots

The Chief Justice, however, went for speaking out about the absolute necessity to defend the lives of judges in America.

He did it by drawing a historical lesson from the aftermath of the 1954 case of Brown v. Topeka Board of Education, which ruled against segregated public schools.

Roberts praised the bravery of Judge Ronald N. Davies, who in 1957 ruled further in favor of the rights of black students without “flinching” at the threat of deadly violence against him, Dnyuz reported.

The Chief Justice emphasized that then-US President Dwight Eisenhower had to defend Judge Davies’ decision by sending the 101st Airborne to Kansas to fend off an angry mob.

The SCOTUS chief noted the case showed how the physical security of judges must not be taken for granted and had to be defended.

Roberts welcomed federal legislation, such as the Daniel Anderl Security Act, which Congress recently adopted to protect judges and their families.

In his 2022 report, the Chief Justice didn’t mention the far-left communist violence that erupted nationwide after the Supreme Court’s June ruling against abortion in “Dobbs  vs. Jackon Women’s Health Organization.”

However, in October, another conservative US Justice, Samuel Alito Jr., who wrote the majority opinion in the Dobbs case, declared the May leak of a draft opinion version presented a “dangerous breach,” which put the lives of SCOTUS justices in danger.

Justice Alito pointed to the attempt on the life of SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh after a man from California was arrested near the latter’s home carrying a pistol, a knife, and other armaments.

The murder suspect admitted he had been mad over the leaked SCOTUS opinion draft.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.