CNN Pummeled By Fallout of Giant Streaming Fiasco

The fallout from the $300 million failure of CNN+, the wannabe streaming service of CNN killed off three weeks after its launch, is pummeling the leftist, Marxist propaganda network.

This is happening in bizarre and unforeseen ways, which are humiliating further the laid-off employees.

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‘Incredible Time’ (Not) to Be at CNN

Several people who were part of the much-celebrated team of CNN+ actually received their welcome packages a week after the demise of the ill-fated service, The Wall Street Journal revealed in a report.

CNN+ was started with much fanfare on March 29.

Three weeks later, after seeming ridiculous subscription numbers, CNN management decided to cut its losses and announced the premature death of the streaming service, which officially ceased to operate on April 27.

The fiasco of CNN+, which included a direct investment of $300 million, with wider losses for the network estimated at up to $1 billion, came just after CNN was rocked by a sex scandal, which was just as much a political scandal.

CNN’s long-time CEO Jeff Zucker was forced to resign over his sex affair with executive Vice President Allison Gollust.

It turned out that both Zucker and his lover were “in bed” with the Cuomo brothers – former New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo and former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.

The latest development in the fallout from the CNN+ fiasco is particularly grotesque. A number of its laid-off employees got their welcome gifts after the streaming service was shut down and they were out of jobs.

The CNN+ employees were advised to “connect with colleagues”, “build relationships”, and “learn” so they would utilize their employment at the already non-existing streaming service in the best way possible.

Humiliating Gift Boxes Sent ‘by Mistake’

CNN executives confirmed corporate management sent out welcome packages to CNN+ employees, but also admitted this was “a mistake.”

Apparently, the packages didn’t get sent while the service was still alive. They got delayed as one might have guessed; they were sent out even after CNN+ had already been killed.

CNN+ was killed off by David Zaslav, the newly appointed CEO of the merger between Time Warner and Discovery.

He found out the streaming service only had 150,000 subscribers at $5.99 per month; it never got more than 10,000 viewers at the same time.

CNN’s new CEO, Chris Licht, who succeeded the “naughty” Jeff Zucker, announced the humiliating termination of CNN+ to its unfortunate staff by April 21.

Needless to say, the announcement infuriated those who had sold their souls to the far-left propaganda machine for great salaries. Many workers complained vigorously that the streaming service should have been modified, sized down, or otherwise altered, instead of getting killed off altogether.

In any case, CNN management at least kept workers in their thoughts by sending delayed gift packages with popcorn-making equipment and inspirational messages.