Leftist Hypocrisy Exposed

Once again, the arrogant world leaders will gather in a faraway land to lecture us about the destructive effects of extensive fossil fuel use. One of the leading contributors to this climate “crisis” is air travel.

This also happens to be the primary form of travel used by almost all the delegates to travel to and from the event.

Everything you need to know

Global leaders will educate the world about just how individual greenhouse gas emissions are apparently ruining the earth; this will occur at the United Nations COP26 climate conference later in the month.

After huge numbers of people catch flights to attend the gathering in Glasgow, Scotland, they will voice their concerns. According to the BBC, 25,000 individuals are expected to attend the United Nations conference.

The left-wing news site (which promotes the man-made global warming story on a regular basis) invited the public to pose questions, one of which was regarding the large number of people that attended.

Webcam discussions over the coronavirus epidemic proved insufficient, due to time zone variations, according to the BBC’s environment correspondent. Therefore, several developing countries have insisted on keeping an “in-person” conference.

The study also stated members from the fossil energy industry will be reduced to a minimum in order to regulate their power. According to the BBC, “the United Nations also hopes to inspire participation from fossil-fuel companies and carbon-heavy companies.”

“The extent of power these major corporations wield is frequently questioned, especially since they can afford to send thousands of representatives to the COP.”

“When contrasted with developing economies that may struggle to have any representation at all at this gathering,” the report concluded, “this never looks good.”

“Yet, environmental activist organizations are out in strength and act as a critical line of defense against any efforts by big businesses to influence talks.” As per the BBC, they would be keeping a tally of both the presence and behavior of business delegates, as they have in prior COPs.

Who is running the show?

People also wondered who would be in charge of making choices at the meeting. According to the BBC, the poorest nations will have a voice in the gathering, as they demand affluent countries foot the tab for climate change measures.

The BBC claimed, “the Paris Agreement was constructed on input from Western governments, such as the United States and European Union nations, as well as the most susceptible nations, like the Marshall Islands.”

“There’ll be members of the ruling elite in the chamber, and there will also be members from the poorest segments of society. Global warming impacts us all, and we need everyone’s help to combat it successfully,” the report stated.

President Biden will be in attendance, as will 13 officials of his administration, including Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.