Leftist Hollywood Immediately Blames Trump for Texas Shooting

Scapegoating President Trump for any and everything that happens has become a classic leftist playbook tactic. Whenever progressives feel as though they’re losing or not getting what they want, they always turn the blame on Trump. It’s a distraction and it helps the left-wing avoid facing the music about reality and the failure of their collective politics. The events which took place on Saturday are no exception to this rule.

Yesterday, a shooting broke out in El Paso, Texas at Walmart, as documented by Breitbart News. Additional reports have indicated that 20 individuals died while 26 others sustained injuries of various natures. The authorities did manage to apprehend a person who is believed to be responsible, although details are still coming forth as news breaks. Sadly, this has not stopped members of Hollywood from politicizing this tragedy and making it all about their loathing of Trump.

Blaming Trump for the El Paso Shooting

Various progressive Hollywood figures took to social media, alleging that Trump is at fault for the shooting. According to these people, the president is perpetuating “hate speech” which urges individuals to act on their darkest instincts.

This straw man argument is commonly used in politics, but it does not change reality. Individuals are ultimately responsible for their own actions, both legally and morally. Blaming Trump for the actions of a lunatic is peak intellectual dishonesty, but since when has the left ever cared about that?

The tweets which condemn the president for an act he had no part in read as follows:

Other tweets took an almost equally troublesome direction with Hollywood leftists calling for stricter gun control. This, too, is a common occurrence amongst progressives. Someway, somehow, they maintain that restricting gun ownership access from law-abiding citizens will reduce shootings.

What the left always misses is that, by definition, criminals do not follow gun control laws. Tighter gun control is counterproductive and only ensures that individuals who do follow gun laws are at the mercy of those with no regard for any laws.

Hatred in Politics

In the face of yesterday’s tragedy, it’s dreadful that so many left-wingers have chosen hatred over truth. Each and every one of these politicians who are faulting Trump or pushing for gun control are either aware of what they’re truly doing or they’re simply ignorant. A combination of both scenarios is also a likely possibility.

When it’s all said and done, the only person responsible for what happened in El Paso is the shooter. Blaming the president for a crime which he never engaged in or facilitated is absolutely ludicrous…but then again, Democrats have been doing this for years with the so-called Russia investigation, so false accusations of others aren’t foreign to the left at all.

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