Leftist Anarchy Over Massive Spending Bills

Activists shut down traffic on the Golden Gate bridge in California for more than 30 minutes on Thursday morning; they were pressing Congress to adopt a naturalization measure through the reconciliation bill procedure.

“Populations of immigrants could wait for 20 years of broken promises. The economy of the United States would benefit from a more comprehensive road to citizenship,” the movement’s organizers claimed in a release.

Around 7 a.m., about 25 automobiles blocked traffic on the overpass. Demonstrators hoisted placards saying “pass the $3.5 trillion budget resolution,” “override the lawmakers,” and “naturalization for all,” among other things.

Lawmakers Aren’t Communist Enough for Burny

Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, both centrists, were chastised by Bernie Sanders for urging the $3.5 trillion welfare spending program be scaled back.

“Two senators could overturn the will of 48 lawmakers and 210 House members. We must support our country’s ordinary working people. Climate change must be addressed. We must postpone passage of the infrastructure bill until a solid reconciliation bill is passed,” Sanders sent out in a tweet on Friday.

On Thursday, Sinema backed Manchin in pressing down on the exorbitant price tag. “Sen. Sinema stated publicly upwards of two months later (even before Senate passed the collaborative infrastructure bill) that she’ll never support a $3.5 trillion bill,” she wrote in a message on Twitter.

“In August, she met with Senate Majority Leader Schumer and the White House to discuss her specific issues and priorities, particularly dollar figures.” Manchin has also stated a bill costing more than $1.5 trillion will not be supported.

Moderates Are Ready to Walk Away

As per Fox News’ Chad Pergram, centrist Democrats in the House are confused by the $1 trillion construction and $3.5 trillion reconciliation proposals. Progressive requests for senators to vote first on the welfare spending package are ludicrous, according to centrist Democrats, who don’t want to pull away from an agreement.

However, as Fox pointed out, if the choice is between spending loads of money (which is excessive while doing nothing), centrist Democrats and moderates favor the latter. Centrist Democrats do not want to cross the board on a huge spending package they don’t care for until they get what they truly want: the construction plan.

After Sen. Manchin’s announcement he will not back a $3.5 trillion reconciliation plan advocated for by radicals in his party, Democrat Rep. Mark Pocan blasted centrist Manchin.

After Manchin announced a $1.5 trillion price tag for the reconciling plan, Pocan stated, “I think those conversations have begun now, so this has definitely helped some things move loose.”

Pocan then took a go at Manchin’s colleague and fellow centrist Sen. Krysten Sinema, focusing on her wardrobe choices. “We now have something from half of Manchinema, waiting for the other side to show us anything other than a fancy purse.”