Lara Logan’s Response to Mueller Report is Indictment of American Media

The conclusion of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is still dominating the headlines. Conservatives are largely saying “we told you so” while Democrats are forced to eat crow, especially with the news that no additional indictments will follow.

Earlier today, journalist Lara Logan weighed in on the entire ordeal during an interview with Fox & Friends, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

An Overview of Logan’s Commentary

During her appearance on the show, Logan weighed in on the fact that President Trump’s vindication of any wrongdoing in regards to Russian collusion is receiving virtually no major press. The journalist noted that if the results were the opposite, if Mueller’s investigation had concluded with the president being found guilty of collusion, there would be nonstop press coverage.

In Logan’s own words:

“My question is this: If charges had been brought against the president, then the headlines would all be screaming about, you know, victory, right, for the left. Vindication. This proves that what the left has been saying is right. Now, no charges have been brought but I don’t see screaming headlines that say this vindicates the president.”

During the rest of Logan’s interview, she discussed journalistic integrity and the manner in which the media chooses to cover various stories as opposed to others.

The Hypocrisy of the Press

Members of the mainstream media regularly take offenses when they are referred to as “fake news.” Despite the outrage, it seems as though the press has yet to understand why so many Americans have this perception.

Logan’s previous note of how the press would have covered the end of the Mueller investigation if Trump had been indicted is a relevant, prime example. Countless media outlets peddled the narrative that the president colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. With Mueller’s investigation being over and no more hopes of Trump being indicted, the left is silent.


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