Kirsten Gillibrand Bows Out of 2020 Race

The 2020 presidential election season continues to intensify as the stakes get higher and higher. Not only are various Democrat candidates targeting one another more frequently, but making mistakes is becoming more and more costly.

Americans have already seen his with Joe Biden as he dropped down 13 points after making one humilating gaffe after the other. With the third primary debate around the corner, the bar to appear on stage is higher than ever. Several Democrats who cannot make the cut have simply chosen to drop out of the race.

The latest Democrat to remove themselves from the presidential election is Kirsten Gillibrand, as documented by Fox News. Gillibrand’s departure comes as a shock to no one; she was one of the candidates who previously struggled to attain 130,000 individual donors and also reach at least 2% in four early state voting or national polls. As a candidate, Gillibrand regularly talked about race and so-called “white privilege,” yet her campaign never really gained any real momentum.

Another One Bites the Dust: the End of Gillibrand 2020

Gillibrand announced her decision to withdraw her candidacy for president of the United States on Twitter. This was something which many people saw coming; failure to appear on a debate stage serves as a major blow to any presidential campaign and, in Gillibrand’s case, it wouldn’t make sense for her to continue a campaign which already has such little momentum.

In the days before Gillibrand’s drop-out, reports broke that various members of her inner circle wanted her to stop running for president. Apparently, people who know and have worked with Gillibrand never viewed her as presidential material. Certain individuals even branded her as opportunistic, whereas others claimed that Gillibrand regularly flip-flopped on critical policy matters.

Realities of the Primary Season

Gillibrand is not the first 2020 hopeful to drop out and she certainly won’t be the last. Candidates who are likely to follow suit include Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyer, Marianne Williamson, and others who are consistently low in the polls and failing to gain real momentum in this race. Throughout Gillibrand’s short-run campaign, she regularly asked for donations and ultimately struggled with raising campaign capital. This is another factor which likely contributed to her departure from the 2020 race.

Upon learning that Gillibrand dropped out, President Trump shared his thoughts with Americans on Wednesday via Twitter:

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