Kirsten Gillibrand Believes "Gender Bias" is Hurting Her in 2020 Race

There are many Democrats who are dying for a chance to run against President Trump in the upcoming 2020 election.
However, many of these candidates are learning that campaigning is much more challenging than they initially anticipated. 2020 Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand is currently faulting “gender bias” for her inability to do well in the polls, as documented by Fox News.

An Overview of Gillibrand’s Statements on “Gender Bias”

Over the weekend, Gillibrand shared some remarks with CNN regarding her campaign and where she stands. This is where the 2020 presidential candidate expressed her opinions about gender bias in the political field.
In Gillibrand’s own words:

“I think it’s just gender bias. I think people are generally biased against women, I think also biased against young women. There’s just bias and it’s real and it exists, but you have to overcome it.”

Despite her assertions of gender bias against female candidates, Gillibrand still maintains that voters are willing to give women in politics a chance when they learn more information about her:

“Voters will give a woman a shot. They just have to get to know her. They might make a judgment without knowing her, but once they meet her and know who she is and why she’s running, it will give her that opportunity.”

Is Gender Bias Really Holding Back Gillibrand?

Based on Gillibrand’s statements, her belief that she must overcome gender bias is very apparent. However, it’s a very real possibility that she is simply not the candidate which Democrats want to represent them in a general election.
This happens sometimes and it’s not always due to some implicit bias or prejudice. By Gillibrand’s logic, gender bias should be holding back other female candidates; if that’s the case, then why is Elizabeth Warren (a woman) doing better than Gillibrand in the polls?
Kirsten Gillibrand might just need to accept that serving as president of the United States isn’t meant for her.
How do you feel about Gillibrand’s statements? Do you believe “gender bias” is holding her back? Let us know your ideas in the comments section down below!
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