Kevin Spacey: Ruled Innocent After Six Years

Kevin Spacey, a two-time Oscar recipient, was placed on a Hollywood prohibited list for six years, due to claims alone before being absolved of all charges.

Netflix let Spacey go in 2017 after Anthony Rapp, an actor, implicated him in a sexual assault charge.

After that, the remaining members of the movie industry established a comprehensive blacklist. This led to the recasting and reshooting of Spacey’s character, J. Paul Getty, in the finished film All the Money in the World.

Immediately following a month of courtroom tension, a London jury exonerated Spacey of all outstanding charges.

While serving as the artistic director of London’s Old Vic theater, Spacey was accused of committing sexual assault on seven occasions by four different individuals. On each of the seven charges, he was deemed not guilty.

After Rapp brought a $40 million lawsuit alleging purported sexual misbehavior that occurred in 1986, a New York jury last year found Spacey not guilty.

A jury reviewed all the testimony, but decided not to give Rapp any compensation. According to the verdict, Spacey was not in contact with a sexual or private area of Rapp. This led to the jury indicating it was unable to render Spacey guilty under the Child Victims Act.

Another sexual assault allegation against Spacey in Massachusetts was completely withdrawn in 2019, as the case collapsed due to altered evidence.

For six years, this individual was widely demonized as a pervert, an abuser, and a minor molester. Spacey’s been pulled through the mud and the judicial system for six years. It’s possible that a significant portion of his income went toward legal bills.

McCarthyism’s resurgence in Hollywood caused the loss of everything for Kevin Spacey. Prior to Spacey having even spent a single day in a trial, an entire industry already assessed and condemned him.

Spacey missed six years of earnings, opportunities, and a chance to pursue acting, all because of old accusations that were made in the midst of the newest Hollywood witch hunt.