Keep America Great, Trump 2020 is ON!

Yesterday, President Trump traveled to Orlando, Florida in order to host a rally and announce his campaign for re-election as commander-in-chief. The Orlando Amway Center arena was a packed, full house as the president’s supporters cheered and chanted for him, as documented by Fox News.
The Trump 2020 campaign slogan is Keep America Great, a succession of 2016’s Make America Great Again.

Keeping America Great

During his time with Floridians, President Trump discussed draining the swamp, the betterment of criminal justice, boosting the U.S. economy and the importance of a small government which serves the American people. Trump also talked about Democrats and the manner in which they’ve weaponized various investigations for the sake of attacking his presidency.
The turnout at the Orlando Amway Center was actually beyond amazing. Some supporters actually showed up to the rally more than 40 hours in advance and slept in chairs overnight for the sake of getting great seats. Others traveled notable distances in order to make it to the president’s rally. To say that Trump has a dedicated base would serve as a major understatement.

Competition from the Democrats

During the president’s official re-election campaign rally, the alternative of a Democrat president was discussed. Trump noted the manner in which the left-wing has engaged in various manipulations and abuses of power for the sake of political gain.
This is more than apparent as Democrats proceed with their mission to dig into Trump’s financial records out of desperation to impeach. While the president was out of the country weeks ago, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had the audacity to say that she wishes to see Trump behind bars.
As the 2020 election season progresses, the nastiness from Democrats will only worsen. They are so desperate to defeat President Trump, but Democrats fail to realize that their words and actions aren’t doing them any favors.
Are you excited about the official announcement of President Trump’s re-election campaign? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!
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