Kansas GOP Lawmakers Override Democrat Governor to End Statewide Mask Mandate

"Used face mask thrown on the ground. Car" (CC BY 2.0) by Ivan Radic

Mask mandates across the nation continue to fall left and right. 

Republican governors are eagerly withdrawing these mandates, especially as vaccines are distributed and cases drop. Democrats are not so eager to follow suit; however, the decisions are now being made for them, rather than by them. 

“Medical face mask and flipflops on white” (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

Days ago, the Wisconsin Supreme Court overruled Democrat Governor Tony Evers on the mask mandate. It turned out that Evers breached his legal bounds by failing to get the state legislature’s approval for extending orders past a 60-day timeframe. This, therefore, resulted in the removal of the Wisconsin statewide mask mandate.

Laura Kelly, the Democrat governor of Kansas, has also faced similar circumstances. According to Washington Examiner, Kansas Republican lawmakers managed to override the Democrat governor and repeal the statewide mask mandate. 

The Fall of the Kansas Statewide Mask Mandate

For many months, Democrat governors got away with passing virtually any edict, all in the name of protection from COVID-19. However, the current times show that Democrats aren’t going to be able to play this card for much longer. 

Kansas is one prime example. Republican lawmakers had enough of Governor Kelly’s orders and decided to put forth a vote. Last week, the Kansas Legislative Coordinating Council convened and ultimately voted to scrap the Democrat governor’s executive orders.

This means that no statewide mask mandate remains in Kansas; however, the state’s localities are more than free to implement their own citywide mask requirements. Coronavirus cases in Kansas have continued to drop; yet, Governor Kelly displayed no willingness to follow her own advice of making choices that adhere to numbers and science. 

Keeping Government Mandates at Bay

As time goes on, fewer Americans are embracing the notion that government knows best when it comes to how people should live. With much more knowledge about this virus and multiple available vaccines, getting back to normal life is highly in demand. 

Republicans are certainly doing their part to keep oppressive government mandates at bay. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis demonstrated this last week when he banned vaccine passports in his state. Other Republican leaders and legislators have spoken out against vaccine passports and Democrats’ push to mandate them. 

Are you surprised that Kansas Republicans successfully took down the statewide mask mandate? We really want to know your thoughts on this issue down below in the comments section.