Kamala Harris Tries to Rebrand Biden's Promised Mask Mandate

"Joe Biden Accepts the Nomination for the" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Biden For President

Since America’s attempt to get back to normal and re-engage the country’s economy, Joe Biden has repeatedly spoken about mitigation measures he’d enact as president.
Aside from shutting down the nation again if the scientific community told him to, Biden also maintains that he’d implement a face mask mandate. The former vice president repeatedly claims that everyone in America should wear a face mask to stop COVID-19.
The issue of face mask requirements remains very heated in America. Some local and state communities have implemented mandates for masks; however, certain police sheriffs in Texas, Michigan, and other areas are saying they won’t uphold these mandates.

Multiple giant retailers also announced face covering requirements for customers; however, after pushback and viral confrontations with customers opposed to mask requirements, several retailers walked things back, stating that they’ll still serve customers without face coverings.
In the wake of all the controversy surrounding face mask requirements, Kamala Harris is now attempting to rebrand Joe Biden’s promised mask mandate as a “standard,” confirms Breitbart News.

Harris on the Biden Mask Mandate

On Friday, Biden’s running mate sat down for an interview with NBC News’ Today Show. During this interview, NBC host Craig Melvin questioned Harris about Biden’s promised, national mask mandate, assuming that he’s elected into office.
The California Democrat responded by stating that wearing a mask is the “responsible” thing to do. The vice-presidential candidate also claimed that a face covering requirement would not last indefinitely, “God willing.”

However, Melvin also pressed Harris on the means of enforcement for Biden’s promised, nationwide mask mandate. Harris then claimed Biden’s mask order would be a “standard” and that Americans wouldn’t “be punished.”
She also made sure to reiterate that wearing face coverings is something that Americans “have to just do.”

Criticisms Against Mask Mandates

Mask mandates continue to inspire various lawsuits across the nation. Americans opposed to governments demanding them to cover their faces have furthermore stated that mask mandates are not laws; others openly profess that they will not comply with edicts demanding people to wear face coverings in certain settings.

Harris’ interview on Friday confirmed the suspicions of many Americans. Since the first time Biden announced his plan to implement a nationwide mask mandate as president, critics immediately asserted that such a mandate would be completely unenforceable.
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