Kamala Harris Slammed for Owning a Handgun

As various Democrats enter the 2020 presidential election, they’re beginning to turn on one another and otherwise experience the heat which comes along with running for office.
2020 Democrat candidate Kamala Harris was recently censured in a USA Today op-ed because she owns a handgun; as a matter of fact, Peter Funt, the writer of the piece, went as far as to say that gun ownership “disqualifies” Harris from even running in the primary election, as documented by Fox News.

Reviewing Criticism of Harris’ Gun Ownership

According to Funt, the fact that Harris owns a gun ought to disqualify her as a Democrat candidate because “[thinking] it’s fine to own a handgun for personal safety” is a “position held by the NRA, not progressive Democrats.” Funt went on to say that Harris’ progressive views are “undermined” by her possession of a handgun and slammed it as a “bad idea.”
In Funt’s own words:

“Kamala Harris doesn’t seem to have the courage to concede that owning a handgun for protection is a bad idea. Instead, she has given voters a real choice: Back candidates who care enough about gun control to not own handguns, or support the only major Democratic contender who has one and won’t throw it away.”

Responses to Funt’s Op-ed

If Peter Funt was hoping to gather massive support as a result of his piece which criticized Kamala Harris for owning a handgun, he failed miserably. The writer’s op-ed was absolutely eviscerated and not just by people who are on the right-wing.
See for yourself:

It’s interesting to see Democrats eat their own. The mindset espoused by Funt is exactly why Democrats will lose the election in 2020, yet again. More and more, it seems as though “progressive” is really just a politically correct synonym for being as radically far left as possible.
Radicalism doesn’t win general elections.
What do you think about Kamala Harris being criticized for owning a handgun? Let us know your takeaways in the comments section down below!
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