Kamala Harris Slammed as Opportunist Following DNC Speech

"Grassroots Fundraiser with Vice Presiden" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Biden For President

Last night, Biden running mate Kamala Harris delivered a speech at the Democratic National Convention.
The California senator’s speech entailed singing Joe Biden’s praises while tearing into President Trump. Harris also made comments about there being no vaccine for “racism” in America. While Democrats are lauding Harris’ speech, many Republicans have a different outlook.

Harris’ claim that she is aware of a “predator” when she comes across one also raised some conservative eyebrows. Biden, himself, has faced multiple allegations of sexual assault and sexual misconduct; furthermore, Harris previously went on record, stating that she believes  Biden’s accusers.
The California senator seems to have adopted a very different disposition since joining the Democrat ticket as Biden’s running mate. This is why many Republicans are branding her as a phony opportunist, according to Washington Examiner.

A Closer Look at Reactions to Harris’ DNC Speech Last Night

Harris’ speech on Wednesday night convinced many Americans that radicalism has officially taken over the Democrat Party. While certain folks on the left attempt to brand Biden-Harris 2020 as a moderate Democratic ticket, the facts simply do not back this up.
A simple look at Harris’ voting record in the Senate shows that she’s more liberal than even Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist. Meanwhile, Sanders has played a role in crafting the policies that Joe Biden is campaigning on and planning to implement, should he win the 2020 election this November.
Other Republicans believe that Harris simply doesn’t “move the needle” for the former vice president. President Trump’s campaign, meanwhile, is branding Harris as a “total phony.”

More Reactions to the Biden-Harris 2020 Ticket

The president’s re-election campaign notes that Harris once slammed Biden for working with segregationist senators and openly affirmed her support for women accusing him of sexual assault.
In light of this, many Republicans and conservatives are questioning how and why Harris would join Biden as a running mate if she truly takes issues with his past policies and the allegations against him.

Already, several Trump election ads have hit airwaves, depicting Harris as a puppetmaster for Biden. Meanwhile, the former vice president is forced to contend with the perception that he is merely a trojan horse that would exist as an “autopen president” should he make it into the White House.
What did you think about Kamala Harris’ speech at the Democratic National Convention? Do you believe that she is a political opportunist? Be sure to share your thoughts about the California senator in the comments section below!