Kamala Harris: "Lawless" Trump Scared He'll Lose 2020 Election

One of the narratives that the 2020 Democrats continue to push is that President Trump believes that he’ll lose this upcoming election. The facts simply don’t bear out what the left claims, but that’s not stopping them. Various candidates have repeatedly taken shots at this president and hurled a plethora of unfounded allegations in his directions. In all honesty, these various political stunts have gotten to be quite tiresome; more and more Americans are seeing through them.

Yesterday, 2020 Democrat Kamala Harris sat down for an interview with MSNBC, as reported by Breitbart News. During this time, Harris alleged that President Trump is “lawless,” lacking an understanding of his job, and should, therefore, be impeached.

Harris’ claim that the president fears losing 2020, in addition to her other statements, is simply downright laughable. However, it merely goes to show the disconnect between the Democrat Party of 2019 and reality.

Reviewing Harris’ Statements on President Trump and 2020

The commentary which Harris provided on Thursday comes amidst another botched attempt to impeach the president. Once again, Democrats tried their hardest by accusing Trump of engaging in a quid-pro-quo with the president of Ukraine.

Shortly after Pelosi announced that the House of Representatives would move forward with an impeachment inquiry, transcripts came out which prove that no quid-pro-quo happened; furthermore, the Ukrainian president came out and confirmed that President Trump did not partake in the behavior which Democrats are accusing him of.

Despite these realities, Harris didn’t hesitate to opine that the president is similar to a dictator and believes he’ll lose this upcoming election.

Some of her statements regarding Trump read as follows:

“He believes, obviously, he’s above the law, he’s beyond reproach, that he can do anything and get away with anything.”

“The guy is scared because he knows that he is going to be defeated in this election. He is desperate, and so his natural behavior that is about lawlessness, it has now blossomed into having a conversation with a foreign head of state in front of many people who have taken an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, where he is bartering U.S. aid to support a democracy over what he wants in terms of an investigation into one of his political rivals.”

The True Face of Lawlessness

If Harris and other Democrats are so interested in lawlessness, they should look no further than themselves. The Democrat Party has been repeatedly going after the president with one bogus investigation and accusations after the other, yet they always come up short. These constant attempts to undermine a duly elected president are not only wasteful, but they’re also lawless since Democrats are constantly lying to the American public about what’s really happening.

Quite frankly, there’s been nothing from President Trump to indicate that he fears losing the 2020 presidential election. In light of Kamala Harris’ single-digit polling numbers amongst Democrat voters, her time might be better spent focusing on her own campaign, instead of bashing Trump in the press.

What do you think about Kamala Harris’ statements on MSNBC yesterday? Do you believe the president is “scared” that he’ll lose the 2020 presidential election? Sound off in the comments section below!