Kamala Harris Laughs When Voter Calls Trump "Mentally Retarded"

Time and time again, Democrats have slammed President Trump for his statements on policy, his assessments of various individuals, and even the chants at his rally. Of course, this all happens because Democrats want to convince Americans that they have the moral high ground; in actuality, the conduct, reform, and actions which Democrats promote and support couldn’t possible be any more immoral.

On Friday, Americans witnessed this during an incident with 2020 hopeful Kamla Harris. During Harris’ time at a town hall in New Hampshire, one of the attendees boldly referred to President Trump as “mentally retarded.” Fox News reports that Harris’ response to this statement was to simply laugh and agree with the attendee’s remarks. Of course, now that Harris is facing censure for the manner in which she handled this, she’s now attempting to backpedal and clean things up.

What Transpired at the New Hampshire Town Hall?

Harris, like other Democrat candidates, is attempting to convince Americans that she is the most worthy candidate to win her party’s nomination and challenge President Trump. While Harris’ campaign is doing better than certain other candidates in the race, she’s consistently trailed behind Biden, Warren, and Sanders.

During her time in New Hampshire, Harris was asked a question by an audience member regarding how she will “diminish” President Trump’s so-called “mentally retarded actions” over the next year. At this point, Harris chuckled and stated that she would win the election, before complimenting the supporter’s question as something which was “well-said.”

See for yourself:

Now, Harris has taken a lot of heat for the manner in which she dealt with this situation. In light of backlash, she’s now claiming that she didn’t clearly hear the complete question. This might actually be believable if Harris hadn’t stated that the remark was “well said” before opining that she’ll “win this election.”

Despite the video which clearly shows what happened, Harris maintains that she only heard the words after a member of her staff played back the footage of the incident.

Democrats and Their Hatred for President Trump

Despite what Harris is now claiming, it’s very obvious that she exactly heard what the attendee asked at her New Hampshire town hall. If Harris truly didn’t hear the “mentally retarded” wording, she wouldn’t have laughed like the rest of the audience and claimed that this individual’s remarks were “well-said.”

For all of the left’s talk about how terrible they think Trump and conservatives are, members of their own party are highly capable of being rude and, in Harris’ case, plainly dishonest. It’s actually amazing that she’d lie about something like this when she’s literal video footage which shows the entire world precisely what happened.

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