Kamala Harris Keeps Biden Campaign Afloat in Michigan

"Howard University Visit - Washington, DC" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Biden For President

Joe Biden is, yet again, gone from the campaign trails and nowhere in sight. This reality is becoming a recurring theme for the Biden campaign; in fact, the former vice president’s critics have repeatedly slammed him for not taking a front-seat approach to his run for the White House.
Earlier this week, Biden indicated that he would begin preparing on Thursday for the first presidential debate this Tuesday. This could explain why he’s absent from the public eye and likely back in his basement.

While Biden may not be taking a front seat in his presidential campaign, Kamala Harris certainly is. On Tuesday, the Biden running mate came under fire for untrue statements she made about coronavirus during a campaign stop in Flint, Michigan, reports Fox News.

A Closer Look at Harris’ Michigan Slip-up

The Democrat Party continues to employ race as a means of scaring Americans into voting for them. Harris did not deviate from talking points of this nature while campaigning for Joe Biden in Flint.
As she stood at the podium, the California senator falsely claimed that there are “disparities” in the provision of relief aid from the government’s Payment Protection Program (PPP); according to Harris, only one of the hundreds of Michigan restaurants to get PPP funding was black-owned.

This is simply not accurate. Roughly 800 restaurants providing full service in Michigan received PPP funds; however, the vast majority of restaurants did not list the ethnicity or race of the owners on applications. Therefore, it is impossible for Harris to accurately assert the presence of racial disparities in PPP loans from the government.

Reactions from the Biden Campaign

Despite the categorically untrue statement from Harris, the Biden campaign fully backed her. A spokesperson for Biden’s election team asserted that his running mate simply noted “disproportionate impacts” felt by the African-American community amid COVID-19.
The Biden campaign can choose to dance around the issue; however, one need only review information about the Payment Protection Program and the Small Business Administration to learn the truth.

Contrary to talking points from the Democrat vice presidential candidate, approximately 3/4 of PPP loan applications don’t contain information about the applicants’ race. This, however, doesn’t fit with the narrative that Harris needs to espouse in order for the “Harris-Biden administration” to come into inception.
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