Kamala Harris Finally Ends Failing Campaign

In life, there are moments where people are forced to admit they lost and have no path forward towards a certain endeavor. This is especially applicable regarding politics and various campaigns for office.

Yesterday, the moment of truth came for Kamala Harris who finally announced the end of her presidential campaign via Twitter. The senator bowed out after taking multiple blows from 2020 Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, failing to effectively finance her run for office, and being slammed with various reports of mistreating staff.

Kamala Harris by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Kamala Harris” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

In the wake of ‘Kamala 2020’s” demise, social media users had a field day. Many made the connection between Harris’ sparring matches with Gabbard and the decline of the former’s campaign. In the wake of Harris’ departure from the current election, Gabbard had some interesting words for the unsuccessful candidate.

What Caused the Demise of Harris’ 2020 Run?

Harris’ campaign was doomed from the moment in July where Tulsi Gabbard slammed her work as a prosecutor.

To the chagrin of Harris, the combat army veteran called her out for abusing perpetrators of marijuana violations along with other questionable acts in the field of criminal justice. For what it’s worth, Harris attempted to defend herself, but her campaign took a prompt nosedive and was never able to recuperate from Gabbard’s impressive body blows.

See for yourself:

While Tulsi Gabbard certainly played a significant role in ending Harris’ campaign, the senator didn’t do herself any favors either. Multiple staffers who worked for Harris stated that she treated them poorly, laid workers off with no notice, didn’t allow the campaign director to act, and asked people to move across country, only to fire them shortly thereafter.

Aside from Gabbard’s blows and Harris’ poor treatment of her subordinates, the candidate’s campaign also lacked strategy. This admission even came from people who worked for ‘Kamala 2020.’ Harris might not have realized it, but her lack of strategy was obvious when she randomly attacked other candidates and President Trump to boost her campaign. Begging for donations on Twitter every other day was also a telltale sign.

Who Will Drop Out Next?

Kamala Harris’ exit from the 2020 presidential election was long overdue. Now it’s time for other candidates to follow suit. Some of the ones who should drop out next are Cory Booker, Marianne Williamson and Tom Steyer.

As of late, Booker has gone on air, begged for donations, and talked about various financial plights surrounding his candidacy. Moreover, the 2020 Democrat is and has been a low-polling candidate for quite some time. It won’t be shocking if he drops out before the new year arrives, although only time will tell.

In regards to Marianne Williamson and Tom Steyer, most Americans have forgotten that they’re even running.

What do you think about Kamala Harris finally bowing out of this election? Do you think Tulsi Gabbard played a role in her demise? Let us know in the comments section below!