Kamala Hangs Out on Korean Border After Ignoring US-Mexican Border for 20 Months

(Social media video snapshot.)

Vice President Kamala Harris sparked outrage among conservative, right-wing Americans after she paid a detailed visit to the demilitarized border zones between South and North Korea.

This comes after 20 months of her so far completely ignoring the illegal immigration crisis at the US-Mexican border.

Praising Our Alliance with ‘North Korea’

After visiting US ally Japan in East Asia earlier this week, Harris went to another key US partner in the region, the Republic of Korea, also commonly referred to as South Korea.

As she visited the so-called demilitarized zone (DMZ) between the two Koreas, Harris actually blundered in her speech by stating America has a very important relationship and “alliance with North Korea.”

Kamala’s Sleepy Joe-style misspeaking aside, her visit to the DMZ only reminded the American public that she never really set foot on the southern border since taking office.

To make the matter worse, since March 2021, Harris has been designated by her boss, Empty Shelves Joe, as the administration’s “point person” on the Southern Border.

The one visit the veep arguably paid to the US-Mexican border was in June 2021; she didn’t even go to the border zone, though, but remained miles inland.

‘Our Border Has the Real Crisis’ Right Now

Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to the demilitarized border zone in the middle of the Korean Peninsula, while completely ignoring the US migration border crisis, enraged the Republican Party.

Speaking in a Daily Mail interview, Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona declared he was “dismayed” by Harris’ actions.

The Arizona congressman remarked that even if Harris were to pay another near visit to the US-Mexican border, that would entail having a meal at a “restaurant in El Paso.”

Biggs emphasized he had been inviting “various Democrats” to pay a visit and see the migrant crisis at the southern border with their own eyes, but to no avail.

Among his reluctant invitees has been President Biden’s woke press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre.

The Republican politician did not want to disparage the importance of the Korean Peninsula and America’s alliance with South Korea for some global interests of the United States.

At the same time, however, he argued “our own border” is actually “much more important” at the present moment. Biggs insisted what the United States has at the southern border is “a real crisis.”

The staggering invasion-type spike in the numbers of illegal immigrants waltzing into the United States started as soon as Biden entered the White House and canceled the construction of President Trump’s border wall.

Apart from the incredible number of illegal immigrants, the no-border policies of the Biden administration have also brought about an unbelieve increase in illicit drugs smuggled into the United States by Mexican drug cartels.

That is particularly true of the deadly fentanyl, which is killing a growing number of Americans on a daily basis.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.