Jordan Neely on List of “At-Risk” Homeless People

The New York Times claimed Jordan Neely, the mentally ill gentleman from New York City who passed away after an uncontrolled outburst, was among the city’s “top 50” collection of in-danger homeless individuals.

He stood out for the seriousness of his problems and refusal to care.

City Fails Mentally Ill Man

The Coordinated Behavioral Health Task Force of New York City maintains track of the most rooted and chronic individuals in the area, as well as people who live on the streets and generate disturbances in the public transportation system.

The task force, which was created to try to solve the homeless situation, is made up of employees from New York City’s administration and officials from the charity organizations the city works with.

According to the Times, Neely was included in the task force’s “top 50” train listing and recently had many confrontations with law police and homeless service personnel.

Neely, for instance, was imprisoned in February after assaulting a 67-year-old woman and breaking many of her facial bones.

Neely eventually got a plea agreement that allowed him to get out of jail for 15 months, while also agreeing to take antipsychotic drugs, abstain from drug usage, and enroll in a residential treatment center.

Though two weeks following signing up for the program, Neely stepped out of the premises and failed to come back, which led to the issuance of a warrant for his arrest.

Neely, who was smartly clothed and calm, was approached by aid workers at a Manhattan train platform in March. They gave him a lift to a refuge in the Bronx, which is where he stayed for the duration of the night.

In Bad Shape

Though on April 8, aid workers found him in a Coney Island train station dressed in dirty clothes that were covered with burned holes. At this time, he also exposed himself and peed within a subway car, according to the Times.