Jill Biden Forced to Apologize For ‘Taco’ Latinos But Inspires GOP T-Shirts

(Social media footage snapshot)

First lady Jill Biden has been forced to repent and apologize in a self-humiliating move.

This comes after she managed to slap a triple insult on Latino and Hispanic Americans, including by calling them “tacos.”

Republicans across the nation have jumped at the chance to come up with ingenious T-shirts with relevant political quips.

Jill Has Done Democrats a Lot of Damage

Speaking at a luncheon to celebrate UnidosUS, a Hispanic civil rights organization, on Monday, Jill Biden offended Latino Americans in three different ways.

First, she acquiesced to it being called a “LatinX” luncheon, even though most Hispanics made it clear they hate the “genderless” woke term.

Then, Jill began comparing them to “tacos” and her third insult came by calling the bodegas, small grocery stores in Hispanic neighborhoods “bogedas.”

The triple insult led to an outburst of criticism and ridicule for the first lady, with numerous Latino activists and journalists remarking that they “are not tacos.”

Even though the blunder was too big to recover from, Jill Biden and her staff immediately tried some damage control by backpedaling.

Her press secretary, Michael LaRosa, wrote on Twitter she “apologizes” and her words which made Hispanics out to be tacos were actually meant to convey nothing love and admiration.

Apparently, in an attempt to keep the matter from getting worse, LaRosa abstained from using the woke “Latinx” demonym.

Jill Biden’s Latinx-bogeda-tacos blunder reminds of another case last year when she confused a short phrase in Spanish. She was supposed to say “Yes we can,” but instead said, “Yes we father.”

‘I’m a Chorizo’

Meanwhile, Republicans from across the US found inspiration in Jill Biden’s gaffe.

They came up with several types of T-shirts with political slogans capitalizing on that, seeking to further attract Hispanic voters and aid their fundraising.

The Republican National Committee, in particular, jumped at the chance to seize the new opportunity for wooing the Latino vote.

It started selling a T-shirt with an image of a taco and an inscription reading, “Not your breakfast taco.”

Its description called upon prospective buyers to make sure Jill Biden learns Latino and Hispanic Americans “are NOT her breakfast tacos.”

It also added the money raised from the sale of the T-shirts is going to fund the Republican effort to win back the GOP majorities in the US Senate and House of Representatives.

Danielle Alvarez, the communications director of RNC, said Biden and Democrats “never cared” about the Latino Americans.

They have always taken their voters for granted and have no idea whatsoever “how to speak to them.”

Texas US Senator Ted Cruz meanwhile posted on Twitter that he isn’t a taco, but rather a “chorizo, egg, and cheese.”

Cassy Garcia, a Hispanic Republican running for the US Congress in the 28th district of Texas, also started selling her Jill-Biden-gaffe T-shirts. Hers says, “unique as a taco.”

She called upon voters to help her defeat “Biden’s Latinx puppet” running against her, Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX).