Jean-Pierre Slammed For Blaming Record Number of Border Crossings on Other Countries

Twitter users criticized Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, for her responses to the record-breaking number of entries at the southern border on Monday.

Record Number of Border Crossings

According to latest numbers from US Customs and Border Protection, there were a record number of border interactions in September—more than 227,000—and upwards of 2.3 million for the entire fiscal year 2022.

Jean-Pierre was questioned by a reporter regarding the claim, which was initially made public on Friday.

In response, Jean-Pierre criticized Republicans for trying to take advantage of these issues, stating many of them are “motivated by people who are escaping disintegrating regimes and economic catastrophe.”

“We can see there is yet another challenge we must overcome. However, there are Republican governors taking advantage of those attempting to flee communism, tumbling governments, and economic disaster.”

“They are being used as political pawns, as I just indicated. You have heard us and the president denounce this numerous times. We are working assiduously to find a local solution to handle this new difficulty,” Jean-Pierre responded.

Her comments came under fire online for downplaying the influence of the Biden administration on the growth of illegal immigration.

Republican communicator Matt Whitlock posted, “Sorry border Democrats, but it is the White House’s approach to the problem that is going to ruin your campaigns in the last stretch.”

“Incredible how we’ve gone two years without any member of the Biden administration being forced to acknowledge that releasing millions of illegal immigrants into the US (rather than deporting them) is the cause of more illegal immigrants entering the country than at any other time,” wrote Trump adviser Stephen Miller.

Ryan Petty, a member of the Florida Board of Education, quipped, “Would there be no net outflow if this was the case? I’m sure I’m not the only one who wishes they could leave the failing Biden administration and its disastrous economic policies in place.”

“Yes, we are working hard to let everyone inside. Several terms. No answers,” Amanda Makki, a former candidate for the US Congress, stated.

Jean-Pierre Criticized

Ross Kaminksy, host of a radio talk program, tweeted: “Literally no one is buying what KJP is attempting to sell, and by nobody, I mean even KJP.”

“She certainly seemed to be in the dark enough to believe it. I’m surprised she still has a career. Says a LOT about the Biden administration’s standards and many others have stressed this.”

Guy Benson, a contributor to Fox News, described her as “feeble, sad, unresponsive, and crazy.”

Jean-Pierre has received criticism for her remarks on the border on social media before. She earlier refuted the idea that migrants are just strolling across the border and reaffirmed the administration’s frequently cited assertion that the border is “safe.”