Jamie Foxx Speaks Out Regarding Vaccine Ordeal

Dr. Peter McCullough, a major COVID-19 specialist in the United States and opponent of experimental vaccines, encouraged Jamie Foxx to speak publicly.

He wants to actor to be vocal regarding his latest medical crisis and relate it to the adverse consequences of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Following accusations that he had a blood clot in his head, supposedly brought on by the newly developed COVID vaccine, Jamie Foxx has been the subject of current health rumors.

Foxx supposedly experienced difficulties after receiving his vaccine, including partially paralyzing himself and lack of vision, based on information provided by Hollywood reporter A.J. Benza.

In an interview, Dr. Drew Benza said Jamie developed a blood clot in his brain, following the injection. Although he didn’t want the shot, the production he was working on pressured him to get it.

The Academy Award-winning actor finally spoke out on Friday night through a moving Instagram video, breaking his silence three months after being hospitalized for an unexplained medical ailment.

Foxx said, in response to questions about the extent of his trauma, he experienced things that he believed he would certainly never go through.

He recognized the public’s worry and desire for updates, but he voiced reluctance to disclose the specifics of his illness to the general public.

Foxx expressed that he didn’t wish for people to witness him like that. He also used the chance to address the allegations that were going around. Ultimately, what he wanted to do was allay people’s concerns that he lost his vision or became paralyzed.

“Someone claimed that I was blind? However, you can tell that the eyes are active. I was paralyzed, you said? I’m not comatose. But I did experience… I journeyed to and from hell. My path to rehabilitation also had some bumps in it,” he added.