Jacob Chansley (QAnon Shaman) is Finally Freed From Jail

As per his attorney, Jacob Chansley, commonly recognized as the “QAnon Shaman” from the Capitol disturbance on J6 2021, has been set free from jail.

“QAnon Shaman” Goes Free

His attorney, Bill Shipley, posted to Twitter that Jacob was out on schedule.

Chansley, a 35-year-old Arizona native, was sent to a Residential Reentry Management facility in Phoenix, according to the information posted on the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) webpage on Thursday.

Shipley continued by saying he informed Chansley 16 months earlier, during their first meeting, that it would be Feb. or Mar. 2023.

He says he didn’t accomplish anything particularly noteworthy; this was simply routine, which he knew and could convey to him. He anticipated another 12 months.

Chansley stood out from the throng during the U.S. Capitol breach, sort of serving as its mascot. He held a javelin with an American flag affixed, was face painted, sported a horned helmet, and was naked.

According to court records, he ascended the Senate dais and sat down where Vice President Mike Pence had been before the disruption that certified Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 presidential election.

Chansley screamed that Pence was a traitor and scribbled “It’s Only A Matter of Time” on a piece of paper lying on the dais, while being requested to leave the seat by law officers.

Also written on the paper was the phrase “Justice is coming!” This is based on the Department of Justice.

Chansley was accused of several offenses by the prosecution; however, he only admitted to one felony charge of impeding an official process. In November 2021, he was given a 41-month jail term.

Surveillance Footage Revealed

Recent surveillance footage that was broadcasted appeared to show Capitol police officers leading Chansley around the facility as “tour guides.”

Tom Manger, the chief of the U.S. Capitol Police, disputed Carlson’s interpretation of the video and said the claim regarding the “tour guides” was inaccurate.