Ivanka Trump Speaks to America at Republican National Convention

"President Trump at the G20" (Public Domain) by The White House

During last night’s GOP National Convention, first daughter Ivanka Trump spoke to the nation from the White House South Lawn. Trump’s speech arrived after remarks from her adult siblings during previous nights of the Republican National Convention.
While addressing Americans, the first daughter did not hold back. Trump praised her father’s policies, his fight against the Washington establishment, and his commitment to working on behalf of this nation’s citizens.

The first daughter didn’t criticize Joe Biden by name; however, she did indirectly censure him as an “empty vessel” while contrasting the “fringe” left’s policies with that of her father’s.
Additional updates from Breitbart News confirm that the president’s eldest daughter’s speech arrived right before introducing her father to the podium.

A Closer Look at Ivanka Trump’s Republican National Convention Speech

The first daughter gave praise to Trump’s work since his ascension to the presidency.
She contrasted politicians’ tendency to merely complain about problems with the 45th president’s active work to solve them. Additionally, the first daughter also noted that President Trump is not beholden to the “political elite” or to Washington, but instead to the American people.
Trump didn’t hold anything back while advocating for four more years of her father in the White House. The first daughter explained that while some Americans may view President Trump as “unfiltered” or “unconventional,” he still manages to get the job done.
Finally, Ivanka Trump concluded her speech by introducing her father to the stage.

The Final Night of the GOP National Convention

Thursday served as the last night of this year’s GOP National Convention. The fourth night’s theme centered around America as the “Land of Greatness,” with speakers adhering to this theme during their remarks.
Ultimately, the first daughter’s message communicated that re-electing President Trump will contribute to and enable American greatness. This was seen and heard in her mention of her father’s policies and fulfilled promises to the nation’s people.

Suffice it to say, many conservatives enjoyed Ivanka Trump’s speech. Throughout her remarks, the audience on the White House’s South Lawn cheered, chanted, and applauded. Much of the audience also responded well when Trump called out the hypocrisy and double standards of the establishment which hates and fears her father.
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