Calling Australia What It Has Become – A Dictatorship

In places under extreme lockdown, Australia has turned to track alcohol intake and, in certain cases, collecting illicit drinks. As per, health officials in New South Wales (NSW) (Australia’s largest populated state) have set daily restrictions on alcoholic drinks people can consume in “NSW Health controlled facilities.”

Of course, this is supposedly in order to “protect the safety of healthcare staff and communities.”

Rules on How Much You Are Allowed to Drink

As part of a scheme to limit the number of beverages consumed each day, tenants in apartment buildings shut down by NSW Health are getting their alcohol shipments monitored.

The inhabitants of Australia’s Common Ground apartment in Camperdown are the latest to be exposed to the tough rules. One of the alternative rations is available to residents: six beers or pre-mixed beverages, only one glass of wine, or one 375ml bottle of spirits.

Alcohol has been seized in abundance until the lockdown is removed. If individuals believe they require more than just the allowed amount, they should check with a professional. Authorities in Sydney have allegedly checked “food parcels provided by friends and family” to look for infringement of the directive, according to residents.

The drinking limits are in effect where COVID-positive individuals and close relatives are being sent for isolation, according to a spokesman for the Sydney Local Health District. Similarly, a spokeswoman for the Sydney Metropolitan Health District stated that alcohol prohibitions are applied to apartment buildings under the NSW’s supervision.

It’s been questioned if NSW Health has the ability to ban alcohol use for persons who are isolated in their own homes. Officers are not collecting alcohol from residents, according to an NSW Police spokesman.

The Police are Everywhere and Watching

NSW Police are present in all home lockdown areas to ensure accordance with the Health Protection Rules and to assist NSW Health if necessary, the spokesperson added.

Over the last week, Australia’s draconian shutdown policy, which prevents individuals from going abroad, had come under fire. ‘Australia bargained away too much freedom,’ wrote Conor Friedersdorf in The Atlantic.

With different political parties, frequent elections, and a smooth transfer of power, Australia is undeniably a functional democracy. However, if a nation bans its own residents from departing its boundaries permanently and traps tens of thousands of its citizens overseas, it’s a dictatorship.

If a nation imposes stringent guidelines on intracity travel and prevents citizens from leaving the house without the need for an official government explanation, it’s a dictatorship.

When a nation forces mandatory face masks even when individuals are outdoors and socially distanced, utilizes the military to impose those regulations, bans protests, and arrests huge numbers of its citizens, it is a dictatorship.

However, New Zealand, Australia’s ally, has already announced that it will block its border for the rest of the year. New Zealand is maintaining the nation’s total isolationist stance in the battle against the coronavirus.

New Zealand dictator Jacinda Ardern declared in August that the epidemic would change the country’s borders forever, drawing comparisons to the 9/11 attacks.