It’s Being Done: 30-Foot Border Wall Project Begins in California

The earliest stages of constructing President Donald Trump’s promised border wall have already commenced in California, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Wall Construction in California

At this point in time, an area of fence along the Southern border is being replaced with 30 feet of sizable, high steel bollards. This serves as the second layer on this particular portion of the border wall near San Diego, California, affirms United States Customs and Border Patrol agents.

SLSCO Ltd., a Texas-based company, landed a contract for $101 million dollars in December. President Trump’s White House administration has also provided one billion dollars in enough contracts to secure 97 miles on the border. This particular contract is what allows California to continue building the wall and putting effective border security measures in place. As President Trump is able to garner additional funds, more and more parts of the wall will continue to be built.

This latest update on the border wall comes after President Trump’s recently declared national emergency. The national emergency declaration occurred when Congress failed to put forth legislation which contained the full $5.7 billion dollars for Trump’s promised border wall. Although various Democrats are doing all they can to contest the national emergency, the president’s strides on building the wall are more than apparent.


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