Israel Hamas Ceasefire, How Long Will it Last?

"IAF Flight for Israel's 63rd Independence Day" by Israel Defense Forces is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Confirmed by the Israeli cabinet, the decision for a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel will come into effect. The effort to secure a ceasefire was spearheaded by Israel’s neighbor to the south, Egypt.

“Young Israeli soldier in front of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel” by Kristoffer Trolle is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The decision to accept the terms of the ceasefire was unanimous among Israel’s top officials. However, the date and time set for the ceasefire have not yet been set.

The Onset of Hostilities 

Since the beginning of hostilities about two weeks ago, Hamas has fired approximately 4340 rockets towards Israel with roughly 640 of them landing in the Gaza strip. Israel has also pounded Hamas targets in the Gaza strip, destroying hundreds of buildings and tunnels used to store weapons.

Since the announcement of the cease-fire, warning sirens sounded all over Israel as a fresh barrage of rockets was fired from the Gaza strip, a common response to ceasefires from Hamas. Hamas famously carried on with their barrage after a ceasefire was announced in the last major conflict in 2014.

The President of Egypt has ordered two security delegations into Israel and occupied Palestinian territories to try and uphold the ceasefire they had worked so hard to construct.

Interestingly enough, Hamas is using the ceasefire to claim victory, saying to the associated press: “The ceasefire announced by Israel amounts to a ‘victory’ for the Palestinian people and a defeat for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Hamas also said that its militants would stay on high alert until the final details of the truce were settled.

New Hope leader Gideon Sa’ar, a right-wing Israeli Law Maker said that there should be no cease-fire. Sa’ar maintained that shutting down military activity of Israel without enacting lifting on Hamas or bringing back captive in Gaza would serve as nothing more than a “political failure.”  

Only time will tell if this true will hold, but for now, the fighting appears to be impacting the political wars here in the west. Here in the west, the Democrats seem to be at odds with each other over whether to support Israel as they’ve always done or follow the WOKE mob and end the traditional support for the Jewish nation.

Anti-Israel Response from Democrats

House Democrats have just shut down a bid that would see the USA help Israel fund ammunition for its Iron Dome defense system. This comes after a pattern of anti-Israel sentiment from Democrats. 

Late on Thursday afternoon, however, President Joe Biden announced that Israel had the right to defend itself and that the presidency would help Israel replenish its supply of Iron Dome Missiles. This is a move that Senator Ted Cruz had been pushing for strongly over the past week.