Is This A Joke? Did WaPo Really Fact-Check Trump Over His Fast Food Dinner With The Clemson Football Team?

In 2019, the majority of media coverage is not “news,” per se, but merely attempts to get in negative digs or swipes at President Trump. In sticking with this pattern, the Washington Post elected to fact-check the president regarding the dinner he hosted for the Clemson Football Team, according to Townhall.

What Happened?

Recently, the president of the United States hosted a fast food dinner for the Clemson Tigers at the White House. The dinner came after the Clemson Tigers’ victory in the College Football Playoff National Championship. Moreover, the feast consisted of food from Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King; fries, salad, burgers, and more comprised the spread which was photographed many times in the White House.
When discussing the fast food dinner, the president lightly and jokingly noted that the burgers were “piled up a mile high.” Now, while it’s obvious that Trump was speaking loosely and did not literally mean that the burgers were a mile high into the air, the press seized the opportunity to get in a negative report.
See for yourself in an expert from The Washington Post’s coverage:

“FACT CHECK: At two inches each, a thousand burgers would not reach one mile high. Had Trump instead invested his entire net worth — $3.1 billion per Forbes last year — on $5 sandwiches, each two inches high? A stack of hamburgers nearly 20 miles high. It would require quite a large silver serving platter.”

Negative Media Coverage of President Trump

President Trump is no stranger to media coverage; this has been documented countless times on multiple occasions. As a matter of fact, ongoingly negative coverage of the president served as a large contributing factor to the birth of the term “fake news.” Unfortunately, the media has been far too concerned with getting in swipes at President Trump instead of doing their jobs and reporting fairly and accurately.
It’s plainly obvious to anyone paying attention that the president was speaking metaphorically when stating that purchased burgers were “piled up a mile high.”
What are your thoughts on The Washington Post’s “correction” of President Trump? Sound off in the comments below!
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